My Peasant Sons

Alexandria’s STAR “NINA” is an Ebony Goddess… Not only is she a Goddess but she is also a Mother of 7 sons… Nina tried to raise her sons to respect women as Goddesses and to worship their every move but they would just not listen… So she turned them all into goldfish & now their only job is go down their her throat as “Peasant Sons”!!! Each son gets special treatment before they go. One gets to worship her feet, one her belly, one her ass for that is where he will be coming out of. Another her pussy where he came out of!!! Another gets very special treatment for he has a Giantess fetish and Goddess Nina LOVES that about him. But because his time on this earth was cut short, he was never able to worship a woman good enough yet to allow him to lose his virginity… She she demands him to masturbate to his mommy’s mouth. He feels feels very embarrassed doing this but his mommy reassures him that she does not find it weird, it actually turns her on… And the very last “Peasant Son” gets the extreme treatment of his mothers own mouth smothering him on a glass table before she sucks him in and swallows him whole…. Now, Nina finally gets to lay back and wonders who will be the next man who disobeys her!!!


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