Our Shitty Relationship

Alexandria’s STAR “Allara” has been hurt by her boyfriend time and time again. But this time is different, this time she isn’t putting up with it anymore! She decides that she is going to get rid of her jackass boyfriend and his family for good! She doesn’t want to see them on facebook, or twitter or even driving around and be reminded of her X! So she transforms her boyfriend and his entire family into fish so she can swallow them and finally be rid of them forever! While smoking, she explains why she had to do this to each one, his mom is going down her throat because she didn’t like Allara because she is black. His sister was an annoying pain in the ass etc… Then she gets to “chuck” she thinks its funny watching how terrorized he is but at this point in her “sh*tty relationship” she just doesn’t care anymore and down he goes! Then she calls her bff and tells her that she has finally gotten rid of Chuck and his family, that she swallowed them and they will all end up in the sewer where they all belong!


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