Personal Time

I am so fortunate to have so many loyal fans that buy most, if not all of my clips, chat with me on a personal level, and order tons and tons of customs with my girls. But I don’t think I have ever expressed how much I “personally” love not only “VORE” but a beautiful mouth! And there is one of my STARS in particular that I just find so hott and erotic that I asked her to come over and personally allow me to enjoy what I love most – her mouth!!! And this girl is one of my longest STARS in which you all find her just as sexy as I do – DANIELLA!!! I asked Daniella if I could just play with her mouth, get my own personal tour of it and then watch up close and personal as she plays with some goldfish. Of course Daniella agreed, for her and I have gotten pretty close over the past few years creating some AMAZING clips together! So, I am going to share with you some “personal time” that Daniella & I got to share together! Hope you enjoy!!!


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