Powerful Stomach

Alexandria’s STAR “Daisy” has got one powerful stomach and she wants to show you… She first shows off her beautiful body and then asks “I wonder what it would be like inside my stomach” and she opens her mouth real wide. She then places a fish inside her mouth and we get to watch its reaction. She takes a gulp of water, holds it for a few seconds and then we get to hear her swallow. She does this 6 times… She lays on the floor and swallows a glass full of fish, each time holding her neck slightly back before she takes the big swallow. She tells you “the fish are digesting in my stomach acids” as you get to take a view at her stomach in action. She  then lays flat on the floor and moves her stomach back and forth to help start the digestion process… Daisy then wants to see what her stomach has done to her prey… She sticks her fingers down her throat and tries to regurgitate the fish… And all I can say is “WOW DOES SHE HAVE A POWERFUL STOMACH”!


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