Alexandria’s STAR “Dawn” calls me up and tells her to come over right away that it was an emergency. So I rush over there to find her laying in bed in a robe and all her stuff was gone. I asked her “what the hell happened”… she tells me that he (her boyfriend) took everything! She was even dressed up all sexy for him just to come home and he’s gone! But the son of a bitch left his fish. She tells me to go get the camera, I ask her why. She tells me that she’s not going to keep his precious fish! That she wants me to record her swallowing them! She wants to show him for the last time what he is going to miss and then she’s going to send him the tape! I, of course, always have my girls back and I did what she asked. I even swallowed one of his precious fish myself just for fucking with my girl!


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