Santa’s Giants

Alexandria’s STARS “Ginger & Sky” are Santa’s little helpers, or should we say “giants”! They are sitting around the tree complaining that all the toys they make don’t fit them, the shoes, the balls, even the stockings are too small for them. Ginger decides to talk to Santa and see if he can give them a present… A LITTLE MAN TO EAT!!! So they make their plea to Santa and “voila” because they have been such good little GIANTS, he grants them their wish! They are so excited, but there is only ONE little man – YOU! They fight over who gets to lick him and then eventually eat him. They show you in their mouths, they even shine a flashlight down their throats giving you a great choice of the two mouths… Finally they decide that whoever “gets him off” will be the one who gets to swallow him whole! They both lick you and you “get off”! But which one was it? Was it Ginger with her big luscious lips and great tongue or was it Sky with her deep throat and fast moving tongue? The two giants are so happy Santa granted their wish and can’t wait till next Christmas…


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