Satisfying Makayla

You know how much we LOVE to satisfy Makayla’s cravings? Well this clip will blow you away! This is where it ACTUALLY happens! We are sitting on the couch and my stupid roommates cat cries in the background. Makayla looks at me and tells me she wants to eat it! I am like “NO WAY MAKAYLA”…. She tells me to meet her in the bedroom! Of course I do… I am waiting for her and she walks in dressed like an indian girl and she is wiping away the blood from her lips! I tell her to lay on the bed and I listen to her belly! I tell her she must be satisfied and she tells me she is not! So I go and get her a dozen eggs to gulp down! She cracks each one and then swallows them down! I feel her belly and tell her she has to be satisfied now! She again, tells me she is not! So I decide that since my roommate is out of town, she can swallow her pet fish! I bring her back a tube full of the fish and Makayla happily swallows them all down. I feel her belly again and we hear the kitten crying… Makayla looks at me and says once again she is not satisfied! So I go and bring her the little kitten…. She thinks she is so adorable! She pets it and then tells it that it is time to be swallowed. With a big gulp, Makayla swallows her into her belly! She lays down with her now HUGE belly and I grab the stethoscope and listen to it’s heart beating inside! Finally satisfied, it is time for Makayla to start digesting, so she lays back and I kiss her feet and her legs before I penetrate her in order to start the process!!!

*** The Kitty parts are all “IMPLIED” ***


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