School Rivalry PT II

The School was getting ready to pass out the Prize Fish to all the winners but once again, one of the seniors got to the bowl first! Alexandria’s STAR “Makayla” comes in from partying with the frat boys and is a little drunk. She sees the bowl of 50 fish and tells them that this isn’t their lucky day. They will not be going home as pets to the boys & girls, they will be going into her starving belly! Makayla then grabs at least 30 fish and drops them into THE TUBE! She then stands up and gulps these fish down like I have NEVER seen anyone gulp down so many fish at one time!!! The remainder of the fish she is going to have a little fun with. She gets on the bed and grabs handfuls of fish and sucks them into her mouth… Unfortunately, this time, this senior doesn’t leave ANY fish behind! And Makayla rubs her big bloated belly… MAKAYLA NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE ME!


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