She’s Got The Power

Alexandria STARS daughter “Anya” tried out for the cheerleading squad at school but she didn’t make the team because they said she was fat and her breath smelled! Alexandria is PISSED and tells poor Anya that she is going to take care of this and she leaves while Anya cries in her moms bed. Alexandria comes back with a bowl full of goldfish and she explains to sad little Anya that the reason why she has bad breath is the same reason why Alexandria has bad breath…. because they were blessed with special powers! Powers to turn people we don’t like into goldfish! Alexandria then presents all the bitches that made fun of her as they are now GOLDFISH! Alexandria takes out the first bitchy goldfish and tells Anya to swallow her…. Anya does and she is ecstatic about her new powers. Alexandria then leaves and tells Anya to have fun swallowing the rest of the girls and that she’ll be back later. Anya takes each fish and breaths heavily on each one, getting her “bad breath” on each and every one of them!!! They want to make fun of her bad breath, well now they are going to get it up close & personal before she swallows each one! Then Alexandria comes back in and shows them her breath and swallows down the head coach. Then she tells her daughter that she loves her and to enjoy her new found powers!!!


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