The Audition

Miss Gia Love is waiting for her audition when in walks another applicant! Gia says hello and reads over the script when she notices that the part is for a full figured model. Gia really needs this part but she needs to put on a few pounds and quick! She looks over at the girl sitting next to her and strikes up some small talk before Gia uses her powers and turns the girl into a huge cooked fish. This way Gia can eat the girl real fast and gain some weight! The director finally comes in and asks where the other girl went. Gia tells her “it’s just me”. Confused, the director tries to call the other girl when all of a sudden, the phone starts ringing from inside Gia’s belly! The director starts wondering what Gia had done, so once again, Gia had to act quick and she turns the director into a tube on live goldfish. Gia then swallows the director down and has to rest for a minute and let her food digest. Gia is feeling a bit strange when she coughs up a set of car keys!!! Gia might not have gotten the part, but she did inherit a new car!


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