The Witch Babysitter

Once again, Makayla knocks it out of the park with the custom clip! Here is our Goddess playing “The Witch Babysitter”… Alexandria drops off her son to the babysitter for she is leaving on a trip. The two get introduced and before you know it, you wake up with sexy ass Makayla standing over you. She tells you that you got so scared that you passed right out. And she then shows you why you got scared, she pulls out mommy from her tits and swallows her!!!! And before you know, you have been turned into a little disgusting cricket! Makayla then pulls out all the boys and girls and parents that she has turned into either fish or crickets! She terrorizes them all with her gorgeous giant mouth… Some try to escape but there is no escaping Makayla! She puts two fish in between her boobs and tells them whichever one cums first, she will swallow alive! Once she has swallowed all of her victims, she moves on to you! You try to escape by crawling off her body, but Makayla just likes the challenge even more. And before you know, you are sliding down her throat and landing in the pits of her stomach!


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