Trick Or Treaters

Here is a very “naughty” clip for you that happened on Halloween night! I got a bunch of trick or treaters, but I forgot to buy candy for them. When I have a crew of them come to my house, I had to turn them away… Well, the little fucks decided to get back at me for not having any candy, so they vandalized my car! But they just didn’t know who they were fucking with! So, I turned them all into measly little fish. But the ringleader of them all, I left alone, and I tied him up to a chair so he could watch what I was about to do to all his little friends! Poor little thing was so scared! I made him watch as I swallowed all of his friends. His girlfriend. His best friend. But I started to notice during the process, he could a hard on! He kept looking at my big tits! HE WAS ACTUALLY ENJOYING THIS! So, I took two of his friends, placed them on the table and I placed my tits right on top of them! Smothering them with the weight of my big tits before swallowing them. But I wasn’t done with the trick or treater! I decided to give him a special treat. Since he liked my tits so much, I pulled out his LITTLE DICK and I helped myself to giving him a tit job! O but I wasn’t done… I could tell he wanted Alexandria’s mouth! So as a “treat” I gave him what he wanted! But that’s all he will get. Because now it is time for the “trick”! I turned his ass into a fish and swallowed him too! TRICK OR TREAT EVERYONE!!!


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