You Fat Fuck

Nurse “Diamond” is in a very pissed off mood! She knows it’s because all the other bitch nurses don’t like her and stuck her with the holiday shift! And for lunch, all she is has is very large goldfish to swallow! She starts swallowing her lunch when she gets a patient. She walks into the room and you can’t believe how incredibly sexy this nurse is! She asks you what your symptoms are and you tell her your belly hurts. She takes her stethoscope and listens to your belly! She comes up and says “No wonder why your belly hurts you are a big fat fuck”!!! She can’t believe she just said that to you and she completely apologizes and then blows some weird smoke in your face. Next thing you know, you are a BIG FAT TURKEY!!! She tells you “you are what you eat” and now she is going to eat you!!! She loves how juicy you are and how greasy your skin is! She eats every last piece of you and then finishes her holiday meal off with some very LARGE goldfish. She opens wide, and lets the fish just slide right down her big black hole! She wipes her mouth and walks off to see her next patient, but this time, with a nice full belly! (4 LARGE FISH SWALLOWED)


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