You Must Be Punished

Alexandria’s STAR “Sky” was in the other room getting all “sexified” for you. She walks in to the room and catches you talking to that dirty bitch on the phone. She grabs your phone and tells her “this is the last time you will ever see or talk to him again”… And all of a sudden you feel a bit strange, a bit small and a bit slimy! Sky has turned you into a big fat EEL! She taunts you for a while letting you slither around. Every chance you get you try to slip out of her hands, when she puts you into her mouth, you try to escape her giant mouth! But you realize, you simply cannot get away and you accept your fate. Sky takes a small sip of water to make sure that you glide right down her throat. And then you look around and realize you are now inside her belly! Guess you should have taken Sky seriously when she forgave you the last time!


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