Your Last Stop

Alexandria Star knew that “someone” has been sniffing around her house lately. So she set up a trap to catch whoever it is! Today she walked by the trap and what do you know? There you are TRAPPED inside it! She quickly closes the trap and realizes she was right all along… She knew someone was is in her house, she could smell you! But you see, you are so small that you have been getting away with it, climbing in her bed, in her panty drawer. Like a cockroach that only comes out at night! Alexandria was supposed to be “taking care” of some victims today so she places the goldfish on top of your cage and shows you just whats going to happen to you very very soon… She then takes out the goldfish and shows them to you. Places them in her mouth to show you the next TRAP you will be entering. Then swallows them down to her giant belly. But these are just “snacks” for you are going to be the main course for THIS IS YOUR LAST STOP!


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