Ryder’s Problem

Alexandria’s STAR “Ryder” and yourself are sitting at the kitchen table and Ryder is telling you how she found a way for you to be inside her belly, a complete dream of yours! She tells you that the only way to get you inside is by turning you into a chicken so she can eat you. BUT she won’t digest you she tells you and asks you if you would like to try it! You say YES of course and Ryder then begins the transformation. Once she has turned you into a chicken she starts devouring you, all while telling you not to worry. But then Ryder gets a phone call and even though you are inside her belly, you can still here the conversation! Ryder has NO PLANS on bringing you back up, she asks Alexandria to come over to help digest you! You start freaking out inside of Ryder and Ryder can tell that you have heard what is going to happen. Alexandria then shows up with a bag full of live goldfish to help with the digestion process! Alex starts feeding Ryder the victims one by one until finally Ryder starts to choke! Alexandria then pushes on Ryder’s stomach when all of a sudden Ryder coughs up her wedding ring! OMG the girls freak out and realize that they need to digest you once and for all! Alexandria then rubs Ryders stomach, saying goodbye to you and the girls fall asleep.


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