Extortion PT III

This is part III of the Extortion series… Stefania calls up Makayla and tells her that they fucked up! One of the wives called and wants her husband gone for good! Stefania calls Makayla and tells her the news but Makayla doesn’t know which one he is… She tells Stefania to call up the wife to try and get some markings on his body, so she knows which one to swallow. As Makayla waits for the news, she cannot help herself and she starts to swallow the fish men! The girls quickly realize there is no way of telling who is who, so Makayla decides she’s just going to swallow them all. She places them in the tube and gulps them all done. You can literally see the transformation as her victims reach her stomach! She can feel her soul consuming them. Makayla calls Stefania and tells her she might have just fucked up even more, but she just couldn’t help herself!


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